Jazza Experiment is a Portugese Jazz band, well more like  futuristic Jazz band because of the post-neo soul sounds they craft. Their latest single “Dream About You” is a blend of atmospheric dreamy backdrops with that authentic vintage Hip-Hop feel.  “Dream About You” is a five minute excursion through the mind of lead vocalist Synik who delivers graphic, thought provoking lyrics such as

…They just speeding past with they chariots with no beasts

And they never smell the flowers, will they ever know peace?…

And even talks about the eternal desire for the moolah and of the flesh.

….They seem hypnotised by the papers with strange engravings

pictures all around them, amplifies their cravings…

He then ends it with a mission statement

“…If they discover my technology, will probably perish

I know how they are corrupted by the power they cherish

My chamber was made to preserve me in perfect condition

Took some critical components, needed them for the mission

The song continues with a sax solo by Bernardo Tinoco while Synik‘s verses were accompanied by Jazzafari‘s ethereal chorus that ties everything.

Not much else has been said despite the release of the visuals and probably a full length project will come out of this. Let’s wait and see.


Jazza Experiment is made up of

Jazzafari (Cantor, Instrumentista, Beatmaker/Produtor de Estúdio)
Synik (MC/Lyricist/Instrumentista)
Lana Gasparotti (Pianos e Sintetizadores)

Artistas Convidados:
Bernardo Tinoco (saxofone alto)
André Ferreira (bateria)
Ricardo Martins (baixo)

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