NY-based rapper Jay Dutch started by writing poetry and taking part in different open mic shows in his borough. Now he is back with his latest project titled Sorry, Don’t Think We’ve Met, an 8-track body of work that explores concepts like the American dream to commitment issues to finding his true path. The album culminated in a listening party where people were part of an intimate session filled with music and also got to preview the video for one of the songs, “About That Time”.



The project opens up with “Amerikkkan Dream”, a laidback track that is made up of soulful samples and soft drum grooves underpinned by Jay’s mellow flow and aspirational lyrics that dwell on making the best out of the little resources he was given. Lines like “I’m learning from experience to grow into a better man, at least that’s what it seems/ Don’t need pats up on my back, just get my logos on your screens/ this advertisement from my team, I’m stepping off the mezzanine ” show his resilience and will to stay on his grind regardless of the situation. “JFK (Interlude)” serves as a break between tracks and follows Jay as he continues his journey to success. This is followed by “About That Time!”, a punchy anthemic track that showcases Jay’s bravado side sprinkled with his go-getter mindset. He asserts his status with lines like “This shit like my fate is in my hand, it’s really up to me / Attracted to whatever that I am, I let it come to me / I meditate, my lap is to my hands, know God is love in me”. He is joined by fellow rapper BiiG Dreams who details the ups and downs of being independent but for the most part, he is able to control his destiny. 


“‘90s Feel” sees Jay Dutch reminiscing on memories as a 90s baby.  The record comprises a warm and solemn backdrop with punchy drums and an overall nostalgic vibe. Jay’s performance is engaging and is littered with several references to the past and a bit of retrospection that listeners can relate to in many ways. “Narnia” is a laidback and feel-good cut that sees Jay Dutch taking time out to enjoy life while wooing a young lady who caught his eye. Over a smooth R&B-infused soundscape, he shows us how strong his game is but it comes with a caveat which is no strings attached. On, “Fantasy”, the celebrations continue and Jay once again describes the good life far from the drama and craziness. Over the dreamy and bouncy soundscape, he teams up with El Calnivoro and De Royce to bring it into their respective fantasies.


The project closes out with “Stay Present, Tune In It!” and “Providence”, two distinct tracks that further cement Jay’s versatile approach to making songs. “Stay Present, Tune In It!” has a bright synth-driven bouncy track with sparse drums underpinned by Jay’s stylish flow and braggadocio lyrics. He wallows in the concept of enjoying the moment and savouring every second of this precious thing called life.  “Providence” is a solid change in the pace of the project as Jay uses a drill instrumental and he changes up his flow as well to match the energy. The track is a mix of braggadocio and insightful bars that show listeners a different side to Jay’s artistry. He flexes his lyrical biceps and reminds us that he appreciates the little successes that come his way.

Overall,Sorry, Don’t Think We’ve Met bridges the old and new with excellent instrumentals and engaging raps that range from reflection, celebration of life and being content with one’s disposition.


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