Jake Knox’s newest release “Changes”  is the perfect summer anthem for these COVID times. The laidback, soulful track is emotional, nostalgic and truly reflects how life and love have changed in the span of 6 months.

The track sees him working with Bipolar Sunshine and Chance Pena who all add their own 2 cents to the subject matter of love and distance. From the bright keys, mellow head-nodding grooves to the soulful melodic runs, Knox takes a step back to reflect on his significant other and how distant can never dampen their love for one another.

If you’re unfamiliar, Jake Knox’s first journey was with the multi-platinum artist Bipolar Sunshine. After multiple tours in North America, they teamed up and wrote the song Tears which quickly spread and accumulated over 2 million streams. In 2019 Jake made his first EP which climbed in playlists/streams launching him on his first tour. 

Get “Changes” on all DSPs here.


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