I can’t work out the message of this song. Is he saying it’s indifferent to the mainstream? Na, just fooling. Don’t think I’ve heard an outburst against the mainstream on a track this aggressive before, but hey, while it’s easy to sound corny doing stuff like this J. Roe avoids it successfully. To be released on his upcoming mixtape in January.

Reppin’ Long Island, NY the Jason Nevins signee J.roe debuts the video for his quick tongued verbal assault on the industry, titled “1Chain2Chainz.” From Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka and more.. nobody’s safe. Produced by AllArounda Productions and directed by Anthony Behn, this song, along with his previously released video Our Generation will both be featured on J.roe’s forthcoming, currently untitled mixtape, which is scheduled to drop in early January.

“And y’all sick of all these fuckin’ facades, everybody poppin’ crystal up in their rides/  Gimme a Bud Light and a red cup and I’m fine, see I’m white and get you hype, it’s like you bumpin’ a line
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