Max and Ellis are the duo that make up the group Dangerboy. Their meeting was orchestrated by their attendance at an arts school in Los Angeles, California to which their love music and the art of making it began the Dangerboy unit. Ellis is a jazz head whilst Max was deep in the vocal trenches. Both found they had chemistry as they exchanged notes with each other and this spearheaded the beginning of something magnificent. When I got their mail, scepticism crept in because the running thought was that another PR guy has come with stuff I will not like but I was quickly proven wrong when I played Roof. That love for chill hip hop especially with the horn riffs and saxophones quickly got my attention and then Max was in pocket with the flow. Woah is probably the track that shocked me the more as I was expecting another chilled hip hop beat but Ellis shows that he can diversify his talent and had Max doing bits with the rhymes. You will want to check out Dangerboy and what they are bringing to the table. Oh, I had the privilege of listening to the new single about to drop and you will understand why I cannot front on these guys. Check them out.

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