Germany by way of Spain producer Superior has been letting loose hard hitting cuts for almost a year now in support of his new project titled “The Journey“. The singles include collaborations with Planet Asia, Reks and the all-star posse cut “Rapper Shot” featuring Lil’ Fame, Termanology, DJ Grazzhoppa & Don Streat

On The Journey , we get 15 tracks of head nodding tracks with a varied sounds courtesy of the guest appearances from underground legends such as Edo G, Blu, Termanology and dope acts such as Lyric Jones, Skyblew, MadFlow etc

The Journey’s cohesion says a lot about not only Superior’s talents as a producer, but as an artist with a clear vision. No surprise, then, that his love of the music and the culture run deep. As a child growing up in the late ‘80s, Superior got his start in Hip-Hop first a B-Boy, after soaking in everything from old school Funk and Soul, to groundbreaking rap acts like Public Enemy and N.W.A. You can hear the depth of their production in his own music, in addition to Boom bap forefathers like Pete Rock and DJ Premier.

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01. Make The World Go (feat. Blu & Edo G)
02. Guarantee That I mean That (feat. SkyBlew)
03. Earn It (feat. M-Dot & Revalation of EMS)
04. Superiority (feat. REKS)
05. Open Letter (feat. Lyric Jones)
06. Fleshed Out (feat. Shaman)

07. Burn (feat. Moe Pope & Mike P)
08. Supreme (feat. Wildelux)
09. Daylight Savings (feat. Mad Flows)
10. Onslaught (feat. Supreme Sol)
11. Mastermind (feat. Verbal Kent)
12. Rapper Shot (feat. Don Streat, Termanology, Lil Fame & DJ Grazzhoppa)

13. I Got You (feat. Rocdwell)

14. The Breakdown (feat. SPNDA)

15. Freedom (feat. Verbal Kent)




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