If you thought the ‘Control dust had settled for good then think again as New York MC Innocent? delivers his own anti-Kendrick tirade – and goes a step further by shooting a short video clip for said purposes. His response is venomous and straight to the jugular. What do y’all think?

While most people shrugged off Kendrick Lamar’s heard around the world “Control” verse as nothing but some boisterous claims of being the king of New York, others took the message a bit more personally. Such is the case with Innocent? and his response to the aforementioned rhymes supplied by the Good Kid M.A.A.D. City emcee. Where Innocent?, the boom-bap dedicated rhyme sayer’s comeback excels in is the well executed video shot by Donald Robinson Cole, which showcase some breath taking scenes of the Big Apple. The clever bars that reveal the Brooklyn rapper has no time for individuals that hate on NY also justifies his reasoning for calling out any and all accusations. It is with this in mind that Innocent? is truly guilty of repping NY to the fullest by and means necessary. 


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