So for some weeks this EP had been touted and getting a lot of hip hop enthusiasts and fans alike super excited; why you may wonder? It simply is because there is a drought of material like this and it is a breath of fresh air to know two of the revered entities in the genre are actually creating a body work. This is not the first run for Illbliss in creating a project like this. You will remember his Position of Power offerings with XYZ of Str8Buttah which happens to be the same crew Teck-Zilla is from. Like MadVillain, these two men come together to form a group named IllyZilla and also create the self titled project to go with it. The former member of the 5-man rap group Thorobreds holds sway on all 6 tracks showing that he can pull through when he gets in his rap bag. The project begins with “Be Great” where Teck-Zilla samples Clannad‘s Legend (Robin of Sherwood) to create a soulful backing track whilst IllBliss’ raps speaks on self reliance in difficult times. On “We Are Not Mates” Illbliss attempts to differentiate the real from the fake with regards to the quality and substance they both represent with their craft. “Synergy (Iteriba)” is the track that carries  the street type, no holds barred feel over a cinema backdrop and cuts by Teck-Zilla to solidify the statement. “Queens” is the love joint that has Illbliss paying tribute to his wife over a smooth soulful beat that smoothens out when singer Uzezi comes through with the hook and Str8Buttah affiliate Phlow delivers a stelar verse giving her own take on the matter. “DON” is the duo’s version of a hustler’s ambition a la anthem; it’s the get up, get out, get something charge. The last track “Lead Or Follow” wraps the EP with illbliss giving his personal views and stance on the rap game and the industry. Slightly over 15 minutes, this is a project to really appreciate and to give the uninitiated a tiny view into the world of rap in Nigeria.

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