Multifaceted pop artist, I AM SOPHIA is bringing something different to the forefront with her style of socially conscious and uplifting musical style that aims to evoke the deepest emotions out of her audience. Her latest release “Meet in the Middle” is a fusion of contemporary pop and R&B with a dancehall groove to boot. Bolstered by warm textures, slick guitar plucks and a head-nodding groove, I AM SOPHIA  appeals to our collective humanity by imploring us to unify under one flag with lines like

I believe that we can co-exist with grace
It’s either gonna be
fear or love that wins
I really hope you open up and let the love in
it’s the only way we’re gonna make it
Can we just meet in the middle?

Overall, the track is a social call to action in a world where everyone is at each other’s throats but we all know the solution is love.




As a singer, songwriter, and producer, I AM SOPHIA holds an impressive resume of achievements (SESAC musician, theatrical sync placements, headlining a stadium show in Dubai alongside BIA and Ayo & Teo). Her debut Galactic Pop EP, Alien Being Human is set to release in June, followed by a bi-weekly release of ongoing singles throughout the end of 2024.


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