NYC based Honeytrap shows us how they truly get down behind the instruments in the video for their song  “Dancing/Flying.” A multi-layered piece that was actually meant to be a short interlude but grew into a 7 minute plus medley rife with lush strings, dreamy keys, warm basslines, and neck-snapping drums. The first part “Dancing” plays off the many instruments with each one playing solo for a while before culminating into an orgasmic aural eruption. The second part “Flying” starts off with a smooth funky bass guitar that switches into a soulful section with melodic harmonies and an energetic rap verse. There is so much to unwrap here that it’s better to be shown than to be told so hit the play button and get familiar. Get it on Spotify



Honeytrap is led by Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and engineer, Peter Enriquez.


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