Honeytrap is a collective of NYC based musicians who are seasoned live performers that blend a wide range of genres from improv jazz, soul, and hip-hop. Led by Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and engineer, Peter Enriquez, the band deliver their newest release simply titled “Honey.”

The track is was inspired by Providence, RI, where a number of the members in the band met in college and serves as their ode to the Rhode Island city. The song is ripe with lush textures from lighthearted keys, rumbling drums and soulful horns that come to life in a very organic manner. All this is augmented by the sublime vocals of the lead singer who gently draws the listener into the unpredictable and soul-soothing world of Honeytrap. Also in tow is the emcee who delivers a vivid performance with multis and engaging wordplay to match.

“Honey” is the band’s first released single after holding a weekly residency and fully improvised hip-hop jam session and NYC’s famed Arlene’s Grocery for over a year, taking over for the famous The Lesson GK after they left the venue.

Get “Honey” on your favorite digital streaming platforms here.

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