HollyWoodYSA is an emcee I’m not really familiar with but he has managed to capture my attention with the tag line of the track’s production being attributed to J Dilla. Who knew the man, the late great beat legend J Dilla, would still be banging out beats from the grave. Apparently, this track is on the list of a mixtape – to make its way out soon – dubbed The9thdillaeffect. It is gonna be a HollyWoodYSA rhyming over a beatfest of 9th Wonder and J Dilla; simply put it is a tribute to both producers. This track here is credited to J Dilla and that soulful effect that comes with Jay Dee’s kicks is just good for the exhaling lyrics HollyWoodYSA is shooting at us. The grass isn’t greener on the other side and everyone has struggles too. So its like whatever; I must admit that took me back to Jeru the Damaja. I really can’t wait to hear what this mixtape will sound like because 9th Wonder and J Dilla are just geniuses on the beat machine.

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