Israeli singer/songwriter Hilla Peer caught our attention with her album titled Remind me who I am, a 6 track body of work that takes elements from pop, folk and jazz/R&B music. As the title suggests, it explores her journey through this thing called life and displays her experiences for the world to feel.


The title track “Remind me who I am” helps set the tone with its definitive and soul-searching theme. The production is moody and exudes dark vibes underpinned by Hilla’s sultry vocal runs and insightful lyrics. Here, she proceeds to break free from the restraints holding her back and digs deep to find the strength for self-determination and freedom from the past. She admits that sometimes she gets bogged down as she sings “Sometimes I get tired, of this life/I need you to remind me” and closes it with the reminder. This is followed by the upbeat jam “Addiction Baby”, which is introduced by a sturdy bassline and slowly builds into an explosive piece ripe with rich melodic runs, punchy drums and uplifting candour. She pours her heart on wax as she confesses to being addicted to that special someone and just can’t get enough of their love. The next track “One Of A Kind” employs a contemporary pop sound with the standard rousing drum groove, cinematic synth arrangements and soothing melodies. The fun continues with the experimental “WHAT YOU DO” which is an empowerment anthem about living one’s dreams and believing in manifesting it to the world. She embodies the spirit of the go-getter and implores us to do the same with lines like “it’s rooting for me/You wanted to see/I think I should be, be”..


The project closes out with the folk-pop vibes of “Focus on you” featuring  Roy Aharon and the laidback “Unless”. The former is a heartfelt love ballad underpinned by pop-dance grooves, scenic synth-driven textures, heartwarming melodies and an electrifying guitar solo. The latter is a solemn guitar-driven record that showcases Hilla’s vocal range and knack for penning soul-stirring songs. Here, she exudes a lovelorn woman who is trying to put sadness behind her and let love lead in this blossoming relationship of hers.


Overall, Remind me who I am is an enthralling journey into the essence of love, its complexities and how it shapes the individual as time goes by. Hilla’s vulnerability is the cherry on top and she effortlessly delivers stunning performances on the different soundscapes laid before her.




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