Brooklyn based Neo-soul band Herbivores share their new single  “Weak Bones” to wrap up the year while they announce the release of their new EP NightShades. The single is the closing track off the Ep and is a heartfelt, emotion-packed track that dives into the ups and downs of being in a relationship.

The project is the follow up to their  self-titled debut EP, which was released back in the summer. Written by all four members of the exciting and seasoned collective – Bel-Ami, Reddaz, Misha Savage and Will Sacks, produced by Savage and Sacks, and engineered by Joe Lambert, who has also worked with LCD Soundsytem, Animal Collective and Sharon Van Etten, among others, the 5-track Nightshades EP brings the Herbivores signature sound of their lush vibrant R&B, funk and neo-soul compositions, coupled with their exquisite vocal performances, infectious melodies, and captivating storytelling, further to life in captivating new ways.

Reflecting the anger, sadness and frustration, coupled with contrasting moments of joy that we’ve all been feeling in 2020, Nightshades unpacks how these feelings play out in a relationship – from the opening track ‘Walk Away’, which speaks of coming to the realization of what truly matters, and ‘Mama’s Nose’ about the virtues of patience, to the southern soul leaning ‘Boomerang’ and the personal breakup post-mortem song ‘Roses’, to the EP closing track “Weak Bones.”


1. Walk Away

2. Mama’s Nose

3. Boomerang

4. Roses

5. Weak Bones




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