A very dope project pushed by TUS and Blindforthekids..Milwaukees’ composer and TUS affiliate “Haz Solo” dropped this heater a few days ago.. Dope sampling in this one kids as Haz Solo and Featured Guest Maiya Norton take you on a smooth ride through 24 bangers for yall to vibe to..Here’s what was stated..”This project came about by me asking Maiya to send me a mix of songs that I could sample to produce a beat tape. She was super down! She actually had a mix ready for me within a few days. A few ideas got thrown around. Including titles. And we end up with Polyester & Whiskey. A 12 beat x 12 song mix project”… Enjoy the rarities and support!.. ghea hit that jump for further info..

If you’d like to use an alternative download form, you may download the entire project here; www.mediafire.com?ut8v2tdieogw2ai The folder includes 24 tracks as well as a .pdf file of the track listings.
Thanks in advance for the listen and make sure you “like” and tweet about it.

[viral-lock] DOWNLOAD”Polyester & Whiskey” FROM BANDCAMP CLICK HERE[/viral-lock]


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