Harmonious Monks newest video “The Theory” focus on the experiences of being a black male in modern day America from a unique perspective.

The video takes place at a bar with flashbacks of MC Martin’s experience as a black man in America, offering a critical perspective on modern race relations in the United States. MC Martin makes references to black trail blazers including Harriet Tubman, Elijah Mohammed, Stokey Carmichael, and others who paved the way for equality. During the second verse, a dancer dances around him, representing his subconscious, whose contemporary technique and bright yellow dress symbolize liberation. Listeners at the bar, who had previously been ignoring the Harmonious Monks’ performance, then start to pay attention, symbolic of the greater community devoting attention to racial equality. In the final sequence, the sky rains raisins. A tribute to Langston Hughes’ poem A Dream Deferred, the raisin showers are the millions of lives and dreams that refuse to be deferred any longer. 

Harmonious Monks is an alternative hip-hop quartet comprised of MC Martin (vocals), Cooper Holzman (keyboards), John Mietus (double bass), and Trevor Zemtseff (drums). The Monks are quickly making a name for themselves with their fresh, yet nostalgic sound. The Monks have most recently been on the rise in the Los Angeles music scene with their last single, “World News“, which received over 30,000 streams across all platforms. The Monks also followed Vans Warped Tour this summer, selling over 1,000 copies of their upcoming “Influence” EP before it has even been released online. With MC Martin, one of the most promising young rappers in the game, and live instrumentalists drawing on both jazz and hip-hop music, the Monks are here to take over the game and bring a voice back to hip-hop.

Harmonious Monks

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