Haleek Maul has gotten a lot of attention recently, building up to this first official release. It is easy to focus on his age – he just turned 16 – but age is arbitrary and it can, in a sense, make people lose sight  from what is without doubt a supreme talent. His lyrics are dark, honest, psychadelic with strange and abstract beats offering the backdrop for them. More info and download links after the jump…

There is a great interview with Haleek Maul over at the dope FACT magazine which is well worth reading. You can read the thing in full by clicking here, but here are a few excerpts:

I dread becoming a carbon copy, that’s something I fear greatly. I believe I have something different, I hope people realize that.

I used to rap about things which didn’t really concern me, i.e. money, cars, “bitches”, but I realized that wasn’t getting me much further than everyone else so I just decided to go my own route.

I think Oxyconteen as a project stands for way more than what people may make it out to be. I think after listening it through a couple times people will understand some of the things it’s saying. I think it sheds light on the dark corners of people’s realities, especially people of my age bracket. People don’t understand that we’re impressionable and a lot of what is going on around us is numbing us and causing us to accept so many things as societal norms – we’ve become a generation free of ignorance in a sense, there are way more troubles in our heads than grades because everything is right in front of us.

A refreshing, unique MC, who I suppose people are enjoying for the same reason they are enjoying Odd Future who are also relatively fresh on the scene; he makes music that’s honest and true to him, without feeling the need to pander to an audience, or ‘bring back the golden era’ or none of that. Just music he feels without an agenda. Hopefully this is the first of many releases (there’s already a second due in August with production crew Supreme Cuts, who also feature on Oxyconteen), and it’ll be interesting to see how they develop.

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