Spanglish Boom-Bap trio Grupo HNE returns with their new single “LO Malo” which sees them teaming with the legendary polorican Thirstin Howl The 3rd. The track is produced in-house by members DJ Heron and Nando, while DJ Exes and Thirstin Howl The 3rd trade bars over the cinematic soundscape laid before them. As the title suggests, the track is a play on the Spanish meaning and a reference to the Lo-Lifes.

“LO Malo” comes right on the heels of the group’s recent video combining two of their singles “Black Angels / Big Pictures” which features guest verse/appearances by fellow Miami artists Shottie (on “Black Angels”) and Money Mogly (on “Big Pictures”).


Grupo HNE (pronounced Henny) is made up of DJ Exes on the mic, DJ Heron on production and multi-instrumentalist Nando who adds percussion, keyboards and occasional vocals.



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