In Nimbus is the newest EP from multi-talented artist  GL Smoov who delivers a body of work that explores the varying dynamics of love. The 4 track project takes listeners through a moment in time of a young individual caught in the euphoria of love and coming to terms with his growth as a man.


The project opens up with the solemn “Lapse”, a moody and surreal piece made up of airy harmonies, sparsely arranged guitar licks, dark pads and keys. Here GL Smoov reflects on how time changes feelings in a relationship for better or worse but in this case, the latter. The singer shares his candid feelings as he acknowledges the love withering away and even though he tried to keep things sturdy, the old feeling keeps slipping away. The overall melancholic feeling is bolstered by the slow build-up and the admission of what life is and accepting it for what it is. This is followed by the piano-driven “Gray Skies” that continues from where the previous song left off. GL Smoov is thrown into a state of despair as he wallows in heartbreak. The ballad is essentially a post-break-up piece from the viewpoint of a man being aware of his position in the scheme of things and ultimately summoning the courage and strength to move on from the past. Just as the title suggests, the track sure lives up to its title with its sublime and atmospheric arrangement that starts extremely moody and slowly rises to a crescendo at the end with a bright synth pad and uplifting sounds of summer alluding to his decision to find peace.


The second half of the EP is introduced by the cinematic aesthetics of “Fall In Line” which takes listeners through the dark landscapes and debauchery that occur within the concrete jungle. GL Smoov leads the show with a candid approach using engaging and vivid songwriting that details the wild times and also the down times when one is rested against their thoughts of doing the right thing to keep one’s love glowing.  The final track “Here We Go…” helps bring things in full circle and we get to hear GL Smoov clearing out the proverbial closet with all his might as he realizes that he is getting older. Over the moody textures and punchy drum grooves, the singer delivers a laidback and unassuming melodic run ripe with insightful and introspective songwriting. He talks about his experiences as a 20-plus-year-old who is going through emotional changes and adapting to adulthood in new ways than he envisioned but in the end he knows he has to find a way to his inner peace by finding his true purpose in this thing called life.


Overall, In Nimbus is a brief snapshot of the many and often overlooked turbulent phases of being a young black man in an unforgiving world. Sometimes misunderstood, overlooked and cast aside by society and it’s a stark reminder that one must always try to maintain their frame and stay focused on the important things that could bring change.






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