A.D. Carson is an emcee and educator. He rapped his doctoral dissertation, released a peer-reviewed rap album published by a university press, and he teaches hip-hop at the University of Virginia. His body of work not only demonstrates just how expansive hip hop can be but it is challenging the relationship between the hip hop and academia.

Before that interview, we start off with some brand new music. We then close off the show with another education-related interview. This one has nothing to do with hip-hop, however. Dr. Cornelius Grove has written a few books and we talk about education around the world and how that can inform what we do in North American schools. 90 minutes of hip-hop music and talk and 30 minutes of book-talk to close off the show. You can skip out early this week if that last half hour doesn’t interest you.

Chase March & Traffimatics – Word is Bond Theme
Cedar Hill – Timeless
Emskee x MiLKCRATE – Ready Fire
Common ft PJ – Imagine
Adam Trapp – Home Sweet Home
bRavenous ft Tachichi – Listening Skills
Chadio & The Dirty Sample – Clocking In
Frankenstein – Keep Hustlin’
ShysT – Average
Daz & Micall Parknsun ft Steve Loc – So True
Beni-Hana ft Absolut Karnage & Words – RapBiz
A.D. Carson – Framing Pain
Ext. 398 – Blade Runner
A.D. Carson – Don’t Move
A.D. Carson – Message
A.D. Carson ft Truth – Truth on the Beat
A.D. Carson ft Bad Dreams – Waiting
Blame One – Self Educated
Jamil Honesty & HxlySmxkes ft Ke Turner – Lamentations
Evidence – Lost in Time (Park Jams)
Jason Famous Beats ft Mike Titan, A7MC, & Nivek B – Bang
Kool Moe Dee – Knowledge is King

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Original Air Date – Thursday July 15, 2021

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