Up and coming emcee Geno Five delivers a poignant record  about doubts within a relationship. The track in question is titled “Inconsistent” and it also shows both sides of the coin from the perspective of the man and the woman with lyrics like “Went from ‘No Strings Attached’, now I’m Geppeto.” For the hook, Geno Five recruits soulful vocals from the Jersey native, Ruth Bennett, who compliments this beat with some smooth melodies.

“Inconsistent”  is a song from his upcoming  LP  dropping in May called “THE FEELS”.

BIO: Geno Five is a Hip Hop artist who is known for his ability to display top quality lyricism and at the same time make it sonically pleasant with a message. He’s just a very distinctive artist with a good sound and is very versatile when it comes down to making music. Since the release of the GOLDEN EP, Geno has been doing a multitude of shows in the NJ/NY area while providing fans with rap videos known as ‘#G5FREESTYLE’.



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