Indie emcee Gary Jordan goes for a more introspective vibe on his new song “Love yourself”. Over a solemn piano-driven backdrop, he pens an open letter to his younger self. As they say, hindsight is 2020, Jordan details his flaws and the need to come to terms with the good and bad in other to grow. The visual is quite solid too as it follows Jordan through his arrival at a luxurious mansion and even with all the wealth around him, the mental and spiritual aspect needs more attention than ever. He further states that “…hip hop is missing the message these days and that’s exactly what this song is…a message ”

Born in Hollywood, FL Hi Hop became a heavy influence at a young age when my mom played Mc Hammer for me as a toddler. Developed a keen taste for hip hop as I was then introduced to Bone thugs, Do or Die, P Diddy, Biggie, Jay-z, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Wu- Tang, Eminem and Lil Wayne at a young age. I learned to play the Keyboard and even the alto saxophone for a bit before I had to sell it. In my early high school years my pops was diagnosed with cancer and we were evicted at the same time. We found ourselves living 4 to a room in Miami with my uncle who was my mom’s only relative that wasn’t living in Puerto Rico. I was 14 years old in desperate need of an outlet and I wrote my first verse. I’m honored to be finally sharing my work with the world.

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