Budding emcee/producer Gallowayyys dives into the delicate subject regarding the historic disenfranchisement of minority groups in the United States. He starts off the song with an audio clip of basketball legend & political activist Lebron James and fox news host Lauren Ingram over the right of Colin Kaepernick to peacefully protest by kneeling during the national anthem. This sets the tone for the thought-provoking song that explores the plight of minorities in America stemming from institutionalized racism and discrimination over many decades. Although the song is short, Gallowayyys sure challenges the status quo and questions the rationale behind de-funding of intercity schools, incarceration of minority groups, lack of national health care and ultimately the legacy of President Reagan’s policies that personally affected his life.

“Hate Me” is a follow up to the release of his debut self produced EP, 1994: The Rise of a 90s Baby.

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