Indie rapper Gallo Locknez teams up with Rello and Urban Law Recordings for a thought-provoking and politically charged single titled “We’re The solution”

Backed by a cinematic and hard-hitting production, both emcees share their candid thoughts on the current US government, its policies towards race issues, and inequality in the justice system. The performances here are quite fiery and impassioned with lyrics like ” White men storm the capital with ease/act like clowns and they’re just allowed to leave/Now if those men were all black, bitch please/They fill em up with more holes than swizz cheese” that shows the hypocritical nature of the goverment.

Gallo is the founder of P.E.M (Positive Energy Movement) whose goal is to reach the masses through his positive music, videos, and outreach projects. He supports many charities and loves giving back to his community. Through his positive mind frame and life, he creates an environment that will help to change people’s lives. He stands out amongst the crowd with his wiliness to go against the grain to promote positive thinking and growth.

Get “We’re The solution” on Apple Music.

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