Producer Funk Darker crafts a solemn laid back soundscape for budding Mexican-American rapper J J L to vent his frustrations over.  The result is an emotionally charged record titled “Walls” that sees the rapper questioning Trumps and his race dividing policies.  He also talks about his own heritage and the immediate effects of being from a certain background in America.

Walls is one of the first (free) tracks that are going to be released by  Minnesota resident Funk Darker



Well, it’s the brainchild of longtime Minnesota resident Josh Beardman, also known as the “Funky Hermit”  or “Grandpa Groove”. After a solid 50 years of vinyl collecting (first Funk, Soul, and Psychedelica, then Dub, Jazz & Hip-Hop) and messing around with Moogs the now 69-old finally is ready to put his own music out.

The worldwide web gave Beardman a chance to emerge from his small trailer, using the cyberspace (and supposedly he still uses his Netscape browser for this) to connect with newfound musical friends from all over the world, resulting in an international network of Funkateers. Every peer gets scouted for distinctive qualities: these singers, rappers, and musicians are the essential missing pieces that complete his little puzzles. Collabs have been made with artists from Texas, Atlanta, to London, Finland. Japan etc. Additional to that, from time to time Beardman picks up the talk box himself, following the footsteps of his idols Stevie Wonder and Roger Troutman.

Apart from Wonder and Roger, the other influences on his music are clear as well: Dr. Dre, Thundercat, Flying Lotus. The outcome is not that obvious: a quirky mixture of Soul, Jazz, Gospel, Hip-hop/trap and G-funk.

Beardman has a mission: to make the darkest & dirtiest FunkSoul record in this day and age. Filthy synths, raspy voices, Bluesy vibes. His sound is both nostalgic and futuristic, underground but never not catchy, filled to the top with both rhythm and melody.

Because the world needs deep blue grooves. The world needs Funk Darker.

Keep up with Funk Darker     Website : Facebook  | Soundcloud

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