Producers Fruits and Liam are active members of the beat making community in the heart of Montreal. They may not be uber popular like their producing colleague Katranada but being from similar school of thought,these guys are not to be underestimated.

Liam’s works frequently pops up on WIB either on the solo tip or with his rhyming partner ST while Fruits is pretty lowkey with his. On their latest collaboration aptly titled Lava, the two mesh, entangle and fuse various soundscapes from soul, jazz, 80s pop with a left field approach. They constantly switch things up at every turn which will keep the listener enthralled from start to end.

No filler material here, hands down SOLID!!!

The two producers are also two thirds of the trio TTT(Trust The Team) which includes emcee ST.

TTT presents fruits & Liam’s new album, “Lava,” another joint effort from the two Montreal-based producers. Trust The Team!


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