Frozemode began the year with minimal live performance experience but will conclude it with an impressive list of achievements. They have supported Jelani Blackman, been invited to join his “Live & Direct” night at Fabric, shared stages with notable artists like Tiggs Da Author, Sam Gellaitry, Lauren Faith, and Mushkilla, and have graced the stages of 2000trees and Reading & Leeds Festivals. They’ve also embarked on a UK-wide tour with popular US acts Joey Valance and Brae. In addition to their live success, Frozemode has also gained the prestigious endorsement of BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, who recognized them as ‘Next Wave’ artists with their debut single, “Maybelline.” 

Rising UK genre-bending trio Frozemode is made up of  I.V. Gatlin, Lisong, and Cho-Hollo who bring something new and distinct to the forefront with their blend of Punk-Rock/Hip-Hop/Grime. Their latest release, DEMODE is a 7 track body of work that captures their youthful energy.
“Maybelline” has to be the best way to start an album as the trio raises the ante with this anthemic DnB track. Bolstered by the rousong guitar plucks, warm pads and thumping drum grooves, the trio delivers fiery bars and throws in the warning  Shit about to blow like some kerosene/Cover up the scars, I’ve been underneath/They making shit up without Maybelline/ We breaking down the doors cause we don’t need a key” and top it up with a punk-infused hook. This is followed by “Vermin”, an edgy cinematic track that employs thick bass-heavy drums, distorted synth pads, rich leads and an overall dynamic arrangement. Again, the trio proceeded to wreak havoc on the microphone with their unfiltered raps and irreverent demeanour. “Silverstone” continues the energetic levels as the previous tracks and doesn’t let up one bit as each emcee dazzles with rousing and edgy bars.

“Making It Up” takes it back to the crunchy DnB aesthetic that sets off the project and throws in a dash of punk rock elements into the mix. The dynamic arrangement is what makes it stand out and the emcees showcase their versatility as they bridge hip-hop with a mosh pit energy. “RUFF” is a hard-hitting guitar-driven track that has quite a progressive pattern and cinematic texture underpinned by the social-political outlook of the emcees. There is so much to unpack as the beat changes up in the middle section into a sombre and moody piece with sparse drums and here the trio reflect on their life and daily struggles.  “Simon Says” captures the youthful punk-rock side of the group and brings something refreshing and different. They do offer us a glimpse into their wild lifestyle. The final track “Stick Dat” is a middle finger to the detractors, naysayers and the chicks who didn’t pay them mind before they rose the ranks. The track is rousing and energetic and makes use of sizzling electronic guitars, vibrant rock drums and fiery performances from the trio.

Overall, DEMODE, is purely a fun project filled with vibrant and energetic raps, playful hooks, hard-hitting beats and an undeniably refreshing aesthetic.



Catch them live on the following dates in the UK.

15 Nov – O2 Ritz, Manchester with FIDLAR

17 Nov – O2 Institute2, Birmingham with FIDLAR

22 Nov – The Lower Third, London with Dumb Buoys Fishing Club


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