Multi-talented singer/rapper French Manilla makes her entry to our site with a couple of singles that serve as precursors to her new album titled Stop & Think.

The first track on deck is “Stop & Think,” the title track of the LP. The track harks back to the classic 90s hip-hop with its groovy drums, lush guitars, and excellent DJ cuts. Here, we get to hear French Manilla in full force as she delivers a passionate message-driven performance. Armed with a smooth fiery flow, she drops more than a handful of gems about being smart with money and not give in to impulse purchases. In the era where excess is being portrayed as the norm, French Manilla goes against the grain to pass on a very important message on our finances.

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The second cut titled “Kool Aid” has a darker tone and reflective mood. The ominous textures and drums sure work well with the theme of the song. French Manilla is as unapologetic as ever too and details the facade that is often glamorized in this age of social media frenzy. She also gives her thoughts on everything from the overconsumption of processed foods to the groundhog day lifestyle we are thrown into. She sure sounds in the pocket too as she calmly delivers lines like   ” you would learn just about everything is bogus/ fake food, dirty water/”what you don’t know will kill you, slowly but surely/If you don’t start to question why you grinding for the system.


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Both tracks are taken from her Stop & Think LP. The album was produced in France, where she lived for more than a decade. It’s a mix of live instruments played by French musicians and digitally recorded loops. All instrumentals are original and have been tailor-fitted for her flow.

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