Trebles and Blues – 808s and Quintets


The Blue Note is my debut instrumental EP that was released this morning through The Soul Dojo. It consists of 11 tracks that are designed to take the listener through a variety of different emotions and locations, from enjoying an intimate setting in a small, hole-in-the-wall jazz club in NYC to embarking on a soothing evening stroll in the beautiful country of Japan (there is also a brief trip to the jazzy sounds of space as well). As a bonus, if you visit, you will see that we have created a detailed website that provides descriptions, music vids/beat vids, samples, and/or images for every track on The Blue Note. It will give the listener added insight into what was going through my mind when I built each track. Thank you for your continued support!

Trebles and Blues – Producer

Trebles and Blues – 131 West 3rd Street Beat VideoCLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

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