Slippery Elm & AstroLogical – The Way You Feel


Real interesting and original project, by Astrological.

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“Milky Ways is a revelation—an electric dream, and a succulent curse. It is the shared artistic vision of two Vancouver hip-hoppers questing to realize the dark spirit of space-lust, also known as nazza, in sound form. Celebrated producer & musician—AstroLogical, and emcee & published poet—Slippery Elm, have ventured deep into the black waters of their unconscious and emerged with a new jazz & poetry that is at once otherworldly, insurgent, and uniquely their own.”

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Unlike previous creative endeavours as members of Vancouver hip-hop super-group Elekwent Folk, for this project Astro and Slippery have navigated away from their usual eclectic and carefree sound in favour of a highly stylized, focused, and specific vibe that permeates the entire album—start to finish. Twisting psychedelic word-images wrap nimbly around cosmic cushiony beats oozing with space-lust and the milk of all worlds, in a dazzling display of musicianship and lyricism. Here are two masters of their art who shaped and polished the rough coal of these songs till they glowed like a supernatural diamond. And they’re not alone; the album features collaborations with Vancouver vocalist Claire Mortifee, and saxophone player/editor of White Hot Magazine of Contemporary Art—Noah Becker.

If what they’re saying is true, and Astro really did produce this album in a two day beat-making binge, and Slippery really did get kidnapped from out his window by a giant black bird while enjoying a morning wake and bake, and if lightning really did breakout in Vancouver during the recording of this album—mid take, the result is a musical masterpiece designed to be enjoyed while on mushrooms, in a dark forest, or while sipping absinthe from a silver goblet in a leather chair by fireside. Regardless, whatever your listening preference, play this album at night.

“Moka Only informed me of AstroLogical’s exceptional powers in music…a man most worthy of high praise…” ~ Noah Becker, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of White Hot Magazine of Contemporary Art

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