I am always hyped for any Jeremiah Jae that drops. His brand of psychedelic Hip-Hop and soul-esque production is entirely unique, so it’s not difficult to see why he’s signed to Brainfeeder and is typical of the creativity in the LA Hip-Hop scene right now. This is the first big insight I’ve gotten into West Coast MC Oliver The 2nd though, and if this guy is anything to go with Oliver the First would have killed the MC game. The production on Rawhyde is handled entirely by Jeremiah Jae who flips samples with typically sumptious craft – maybe a little more refined than his Raw Money Raps – with both taking turns to bless the mic with rhymes so hard they could be curses, themed around the wild, wild west. Hopefully this is just a teaser because as of yet there is no way to purchase or download, but you can stream the entire 50 minute episode above.

Go peep what the Jeremiah Hype is all about, and remember gang… RAWWWHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDEEEEE.

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