Sean J – Unstoppable (Prd. Soy)

WIB’s favorite dynamic duo is back again, Sean J & Soy Is Real, dropped another gem yesterday. If ya’ll don’t know about Sean J, you need to check our previous posts ASAP…….dope cover too.


While Sean J is trying to wrap up his next mixtape The Ego Egg, he decides to put out another track from the project. “Unstoppable”, produced by his trademarked beat partner Soy, is not only the 1st official single of The Ego Egg, but is also the opening track. Let this track basically introduce the whole feel for the rest of the project. The Ego Egg mixtape, dropping under Domination Recordings, doesn’t have an official release, but should be expected to hit the internet in the next 3-4 weeks. Sean J is also planning on shooting a music video for “Unstoppable”.

Sean J: TwitterWebsiteDomination Recordings


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