Im going to take you back for a moment and give you his discography. See if you have been paying attention.

In 2005, during his Little Brother era, Rapper Big Pooh dropped his debut album (which is one of my favorites), Sleepers. Three years later, he gave you the Rapper’s Delight mixtape. A year after he dropped four different versions of The Delightful Bars. Last year, he gave you guys a drop where he’s rhyming over Black Milk’s remake of Prince‘s songs. Earlier this year, he gave you the reason why he was the freshest ‘fat boy’ out there and toured the West Coast to prove it. A week from today, he’s going to drop his next project, Dirty Pretty Things.

Now, I must say that this is an album that everyone has been waiting two years for. Literally. The dope thing about it is that he knew that this is what everyone wanted, so he provided a sampler for everyone to check out. Album comes out next tuesday, November 1st. Make sure you have some money ready to donate to a fresh album!

Rapper Big Pooh – Dirty Pretty Things (Sampler) [stream/download]

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