Landon Wordswell – WuhWuhWhat (Prod. by 5th Sequence)

WuhWuhWhat!” is the second single from the homie Landon Wordswell off the Soon to be released “Fountain of Youth II Mixtape” sponsored by our fam at KeeynoteRefined Hype, When Giants Meet & us here at

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Lyrics After The Jump…

Landon: Hook/Intro
Yo, Welcome to the Fountain of Youth II.
(uh wuh wuh what) This is Landon Wordswell (uh wuh wuh what)
James John took a drink (uh wuh wuh what) 5th Sequence took a drink (uh wuh wuh what)
Keeynote took a drink (uh wuh wuh what) Diezel P took a drink (uh wuh wuh what)
Illmac took a drink (uh wuh wuh what) my boy Sketch took a drink (uh wuh wuh what)
and now what you think? (uh wuh wuh what)

Landon Verse:
I need the beats to pound
or at least the speech to freak it now/
I know you aint f*ckin’ with me cuz I dont sleep around//
when I do – I got em like “Keep It down”/
School of Hard Knock Alumni & I dont need the gown//
Out of principle – I let em get a mention/
Cuz see – I got class; either that or it’s detention//
The youngin’ & the henchmen get it jumpin’ got em flinchin’/
spittin’ onions – got em wincin’ – plus my compass never endin’//
(word) my plans though – to tour with fam, Joe/
& get a driver named Vincent – tell ’em make that Van Go//
To places I aint been in – but I’m hella damn close/
cuz oh, did I mention? That fella can flow//
I use my thoughts when I talk so make no mistake/
I can flow for days and rip ya head up off ya shoulder blades//
I’m reinventing this here/
so any disrespect out the North West/
Then Im ending Careers//
and that’s for anybody cuz my team’s dumb nice/
so stop bringing your Knife to Machine gun fights//
.. & I aint stressin’ – It only takes one recording session/
to turn a local legend to a peasant//
I never was a hater tho – ever – ya feel me?
we’re nothing alike – ya’ll garbage & I’m filthy//
Dont get it confused – with my hype it’ll last/
Go green – spittin’ trash? I recycle your tracks//
My vices are back – relax – I’m reciting the facts/
so watch Landon spit the gospel – a disciple of rap//
directly place myself for the crisis is at/
I like to react to devices that enlightens these cats//
(Look) I’m just trying to show the good life advantage/
That’s why I’m doing work up in the hood like mechanics//
I know it the best from hoes to execs/
to Bulimic O-G’s that always throw up they sets//
with police that bother peers and the streets that father fears/
I just pray that I make it to see the peak of my career//
Rappers like to go puffin’ cuz half of life is disgustin’/
They money hungry – with an appetite for destruction//
& I’ma blaze quotes til everything I say goes/
& I aint trying to make foes – I’m just trying to save souls//
case closed, but I’ma let the jury have it/
cut from a different cloth and I was never purely fabric//
I’m out!


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