June Haze – Alive

June Haze – Church Night

June Haze – Summer Night


I have been listening to the Gemini Project for the past couple hours, and it’s certified fresh, from top to bottom! Ill release by June Haze.

About June Haze:

Navigating through the clustered state of hip-hop, June Haze is at the helm of creatively carving out a fresh credible niche through clever word play, lyricism and concept driven material. Though the name would suggest a witty spin on a street narcotic, June signifies the month he was born in and Haze represents vagueness or obscurity of the mind/thoughts, an effect he describes as Brain Candydelivered through doses of his music.

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Tracklist & More about June Haze After The Jump…

His first solo effort was released under his prior alias (Elohim Marino), titled ‘Son of HipHop’(2006). Distributed almost completely digitally (Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon) with only a few hundred hard copies, the project was well received on an international scale and still continues to sell units to this present day. Independently released, promoted and marketed the stage was set for him to take full control of the path his career was on.

In 2007, June Haze launched his own independent imprint, Brain Candy Music & Films Inc, the budding entrepreneur decided this was his sole option at the time mainly because of the minimal interest major labels had in his early material. Two years went by before his sophomore effort Deaf Radio was released at the end of (2009) but the project lacked the general appeal, marketing and promotional prowess ‘Son of HipHop’ enjoyed. The end results were less than desired and the project was regarded as a failure.

As fate would have it, 2010 opened with a solid opportunity to be signed to a major record label, things seemed to be back on track and his focus was immediately switched to securing the deal. Halfway into the process communication between his interim manager and the label; representative stalled the situation was eventually diffused, it was back to the grassroots approach for the young artist. As the dust settled and the air cleared he decided a re-introduction under a new alias would be the fresh start he needed, June Haze was born. His first effort under the new alias titled ‘The Gemini Project’ is in the works, the EP is scheduled to be released late spring.


01 – Alive
02 – All I Have
03 – Rebel
04 – Cloudy
05 – Church Night
06 – Purple
07 – Fantasy
08 – Storm
09 – Moon Monkey
10 – Summer Night
11 – Laid Back(Party On)

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