Gym Krow – Black Magic

Gym Krow – Two Steps (Ft. PyInfamous)

Gym Krow – I Need That


Thanks to Gym Krow for reaching out.

Had a good listen to “Quit Holdin'” and the first 3 tracks where so F***in dope, I had to post, but the album is 17 tracks deep.  And it’s all quality.

“Quit Holdin'” is mainly instrumental, but has a couple of guests, such as PyInfamous. Above you’ll find 3 examples, of what the album is about.

Gym Krow:

“This is the Quit Holdin mixtape. This mixtape consists of some sampled and unsampled music just to have listeners ready for the upcoming few projects coming from Gym Krow. Bonus tracks include remixes of Funkghost, K’Jon. Enjoy!!! Look out for future projects such as Black In The Day, 8, and the short film (Title TBA) later soon early 2011.”


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