Seven Day – “The S”

Maxx Julian x Sincere Vega – “Fly Definition”

It is extremely rare for me to post some music on the day of its release. I find it quite ironic that when I do it’s for a project called Delayed Flyghts. I’m right on time for this journey and encourage you to get your boarding passes ready, sit back, relax and enjoy the flight courtesy of Fly Definition. For this third volume in the series, they put together a great selection of music from some of their artists (Moon Blazers, Shinobi Stalin), who happen to be Word Is Bond regulars, along with exclusive tracks from a few of their favourite MCs and affiliates (e.d.g.e., Seven Day, Signif, etc.), interlaced with some lovely instrumentals courtesy of Orlando’s very own super talented producer Soy is REAL. All I have to say is the journey will be short but intense so I’d advise you get those seat-belts fastened.

P.S. Shout out to Maxx Julian and Sincere Vega for the nice mentions in Fly Definition. We’re in the building!


Fly Definition Music: WebsiteBandcamp


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