Emay – If You’re Breathing

The good homie Star Slinger hit us up on twitter a few days back with this newness by Emay.
Veryl Ill, Emay produced and wrote the above, which makes it extra especial…looking forward to more music by Emay and hopefully a full EP.


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Hit The Jump For The Lyrics…

Verse 1

As I open my ears, I hear rich seeds crying in fear.
Ungrateful. Crying like a lion is near.
Seems like when the money is there,
a want is a need, and the need is a chance to proceed in the greed.
Think about it. Because you got something.
Even if you were crippled, your crutches are not nothing.
So we gotta grind like Ash(er) Roth.
Whether you were born with the limbs of a dragon or a damn sloth.
Try most. But never try least.
Advance from tri-cycle in order to try beast.
Move to bi-cycle or try Devry uni-cycle.
College, law firm. Sue me.
You never know what you got ’till you lost it.
And now you lost conscious in the mosh pit.
Having flash backs down at the hospice.
Shouldn’t of stepped in the wrong click.


Rolling down the streets, I’ll let you think about your living if you’re breathing.
I’ll let you think about your living if you’re breathing. x2

Verse 2

Do you feel it in your bones?
The same cold that your feeling in the zone.
When your ceiling isnt home.
The roof left to abandon.
The hot meal squeals cuz the clean hand wasn’t there to land in.
4 by 4 boxes surround you.
But it’s still frigid.
Only cool air dances around you..
and you feel finished.
Blood circulates slow and you’re still grinning.
Because you wont dye/die to a shade.
Your tint’s real fine, but the fine’s to amaze in this lifetime.
Just to be a ruby in the rocks
Tooney in the socks.
Tried to cop a tooly, but the tooly wouldn’t pop.
And you tried to hit the boss.
Failed marriages.
Sometimes you need a couple miscarriages, to miss parenting.
We never see it at first, but there it is.
We could try to be Dion Celine.
Or try to handle like Zinedane Zidene (Zinedine Zidane).
But in the end you can only be me.
I, myself. Fuck an Irene.

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