JEEEEZZZ….how DOPE is this!! Damu done did it again!!

Kaimbr & Kev Brown feat. Roddy Rodd, Hassan Mackey & DJ Marshall LawProduced by Damu The Fudgemunk

Redef Records:

This Damu remix IS available on vinyl right now. The Album is OUT NOW!

You know how it goes here.  Redefinition Records are sell-outs.  All vinyl units of this LP/7” have been shipped to customers and retailers.  Once those are gone; the bridge is over.  We do not have ANY copies of the LP/7 left in our office and will not be repressing.  (BIG thanks one more time to everyone who bought a copy)

If you haven’t grabbed a copy for yourself, you can still do so here… (UK) |

[viral-lock]DOWNLOAD TRACK AT WONKA BEATS[/viral-lock]

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