Convinced – Passion prod by Sonny C

Convinced – Miss Memory prod by King Trax


A nice mixtape by Convinced, not for everyone though….as the name says, there’s loads of diverse vibes on this one. Above the tracks I was felling the most.


“L.A. emcee Convinced is back with a brand new sound and a brand new home on HiPNOTT Records. Teaming up with and Eazee St. he drops his Versatility mixtape comprised of older and newer material, including the smash buzz single, “Otha Shyt”, 2008 internet favorite “Miss Memory” and the 2010 remake of Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal.” The mixtape includes production from King Trax, Jansport J, J-Keys and more with features by El Prez, Chris Focus, Dale Danja, Tunji, Shawn Jackson to name a few.

Look out for the brand new EP, eLovetric, from Convinced dropping next month as well as his HiPNOTT debut album in February!”


More Info & Tracklist After The Jump…


1. Versatility Idea
2. Otha Shyt [prod by King Trax]
3. Floss Angeles (feat El Prez, Dale Danja, Dnez, C-San, Chris Focus) [prod by Axel]
4. What I Gotta Do [prod by King Trax]
5. Passion [prod by Sonny C]
6. Ya Digg [prod by King Trax]
7. Purple Mist [prod by Dahi]
8. We Keep It Jumpin (feat Dale Danja and Tunji) [prod by L.A.U.S.D.]
9. Fairy Tales (feat Brooke Taylor) [prod by Mind Design]
10. Shots Pop Off [prod by King Trax]
11. Miss Memory [prod by King Trax]
12. Mass Appeal 2010 (feat Shawn Jackson,Tunji and El Prez) [prod by J-Keys]
13. Desert of Despair [prod by King Trax]
14. Build You Up prod [by King Trax]
15. Open Your Eyes (feat Echo and Interogator) [prod by King Trax]
16. Saddest Stories [prod by Jansport J]

About Convinced

Southern California emcee Quentin “Convinced” Reed was immersed in the world of music at quite the young age. From classic soul to smooth jazz, Convinced’s penchant for various genres of music was created through none other than family.

“Everyone in my family is real musical or collected music,” Convinced explained. “My mom grew up in the 60’s and 70’s so she split all that old stuff. My dad, even though he wasn’t real relevant in my life, I know he had a wide jazz collection. So I would listen to jazz from him and I would listen to a lot of soul records with my mom.” While jazz and soul were genre’s he grew up on Convinced was eventually swayed into the world of Hip Hop. He began battle rapping in high school and eventually crafted himself into a noteworthy lyricist.

In 2004, Convinced released the mixtape Production Picasso which was followed by the EP A Better Tomorrow and his second mixtape I Do It For The People. Most recently, Convinced released Refreshing an EP that featured the popular “Miss Memory,” a song that has been featured on HipHopDX, 2DopeBoyz, and other notable Hip Hop Websites and blogs.

For those unfamiliar with Convinced be prepared to enter the world of an artist unafraid to truly express himself through his music. While most rappers may rely on songs about cars, money, or fast women Convinced takes a more realistic and relatable approach with his music.

“I basically use Hip Hop as a diary. I’m not afraid to let anyone read my diary. There’s no locks on my diary. So as I was growing I was getting more ‘convinced’ with my writing, with my art, with who I am. I’m beginning to be more ‘convinced’ of these things,” said Convinced in regards to his choice of stage name.

Convinced plans on closing the year with an EP entitled eLovetric, which will lead to the release of Convinced’s debut album This Orchestrated Life which is currently scheduled for a February 2011 release on HiPNOTT Records.


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