Akello Light – Under A Tree

Akello Light – A Boo

Really digging this newly released “Akello Light” the homie has been really underneath it all, and creating a nice chill and jovial vibe, its perky and light at the same time… Just hit play and go on a trip!!..Also thew in the “Green Tea Mint: B-Sides” short and sweet bout 4 tracks deep but a must hear..Heres what was said: Akello Light releases the missing piece of his original “Green Tea Mint LP”. This is strictly for the green plant inhalers on Earth. The beats are raw, dusty and very hazy. All these beats were recorded in 2005.-Green Tea Mint: B-Sides…
This North Carolina creative artist magical ability to make tripped-out beats that satisfy both the weed head and the hardcore B-Boy/Girl in you is the vibe. Akello’s laid-back hazy tripped-out smooth sound is the foundation for this project. Picture yourself inhaling green plants, drinking strong herbal tea and relaxing when listening to this music. This is more of that Dream-Hop music for the Lo-fi/Hi-Fi lovers.

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