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88-Keys both on lyrics & beat…very dope stuff and a great story behind it too.


“So, once again, I started running out of space on my Roland VS-2480 hard drive (yes all of you techies… I still don’t have/use ProTools, Logic or Reason) & came across this lil’ ditty. I think I recorded this sometime back in ’05 when I really wasn’t trying to be a rapper or anything. This song came out of frustration. I was venting.”

Back Story:

“Most people probably would have never imagined but I was really good friends with Dave Chappelle. He always gave me the open invite to his stand-up gigs here in NYC then to his shows on Comedy Central when he landed that gig. I must’ve attended at least 8 shows or so in support & just for my own entertainment. I don’t have to remind any of you how funny his show was. Anyway, his career was soaring as you all know, then the whole “comedian decides not to continue his highly successful show & fleas to Africa” story started to buzz in the tabloids. I hadn’t spoken to him in a while since then but I always stand by my peoples. If he had any issues whatsoever I’d always back him (or any of my close friends) up without prejudice & they all know it….”

Read the rest of the story, over at 88Keys Website

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