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Kap Kallous – Bitchuations


You know that saying “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover” well that it’s the case here…we received this on the inbox a few days ago, and because It was such a busy week, I just skimmed it, based on the album artwork, and thought it wouldn’t be that good…DEAM how wrong was I, this album is a merely 6 tracks deep, but just soooo DOPE! Download this now ya’ll, you’ll be vibing to these beats all weekend. GUARANTEED!


“Florida all-star and accomplished Grind Time Now South President, Kap Kallous, has joined forces with us for the release of “The TV EP.” This cohesive, six song EP is a well-orchestrated 13-minute music experience. Three out of five tracks have a story in this theatrical, graphic novel themed, descriptive purging of emotional tensions. Every track even contains the most fitting of television audio samples. “The TV EP” serves as a prelude to Kap’s official full-length album “I Should’ve Kept My Mouth Shut”, to be released late 2010. This short, heavily themed project is meant to give the listeners a mild view into the musical capabilities of Ever Ready Records’ newest artist Kap Kallous. The seamless, pristine, story-telling catharsis contains not one pause until the end, dubbing it the first of its kind to be released on Ever Ready Records.”

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