Word is Bond Rap Radio brings you real hip-hop music and talk every single week on your radio dial, internet stream, and podcast. This week, it looked as though there wasn’t going to be much in the way of talk, however. But Fortunato saved the day with a timely phone call to the station.

“Better late than never,” he declared to kick off another exclusive interview.

I also spun some brand new music from Grand Analog featuring Posdnous of De La Soul, the new not-quite title track from Lucid Music’s new project, and an exclusive track from the man himself, Fortunato.

Once you have finished listening, click on the links below to hear more in-depth and exclusive interviews.


Verbal Kent and Superior – Classic Sh*t
Grand Analog ft Posdnous – Mutations
J Shiltz and Royce Birth – The Outsiders
Primal Winds ft Fortunato – The Stakes
Alpha Faktion – The Lineage
LS Camp ft El Da Sensei – Body Guard
Zagnif Nori – Boilemakers
Hex One – Flava For Ya Mind
Edo.G – Left Behind
Fortunato – Plain to See
PMD ft Erick Sermon – The Real is Gone
Lucid Music – Except Us
OC from NC ft Boog Brown – Turning Point
The Nicest – Triffling
A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation
A.N.D. – True & Living
E-Turn – The Get Back
Fortunato – What I Got to Say
Fortunato ft Ghettosocks and Tachichi – Closer Look
Fortunato – Prove Them Wrong
Branded Moore ft Exit Only – DumDums
Pharcyde – Otha Fish
Common – The Corner
Nas – One Time 4 Ya Mind
2pac – Life Goes On
MC Eiht – Streiht Up Menace

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