First Cousins is a San Francisco based 5 man hip-hop collective made up of Deytripz, KP, TK, BK, and Producer/DJ RCA. On their latest effort titled “Nothing to Something,” the collective takes some time to share their individual experiences from growing up till now. Backed by a smooth, mellow backdrop, the listener is treated to an honest, unfiltered display of emotions and vivid paintings of the life of urban kids.


Inspired by the impassioned + reflective thematics of 90s Rap/R&B, First Cousins storytelling explores a spectrum ranging from estranged relationships, the consequences of unsound decision making, and breaking through the limits of success. With a sound that gives a head nod to the all-time greats, this diverse ensemble brings a distinct spin to the game with an aspiration to blend nostalgia with a contemporary bounce.

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