The instrumental from producer Isaac Haze, discovering new sounds each time you listen. Many an MC would salivate at the prospect of flexing over this one, but Haze keeps things moving using tasteful sonic elements that are constantly evolving. Things get slightly electronic towards the end as he likes to use electronic elements & synthesizers. Produced on Maschine, midi-keyboard, micro-KORG synthesizer, bass, guitar and of course an infinite amount of vinyl-samples.


Haze has been into music since he was a kid and is open-minded to almost any kind of music, as he listens to old Jazz, Soul and the Funky gems from his vinyl-collection, but his true love belongs to HipHop. He grew up in the “Golden Era” of HipHop, where so many different and talented artists inspired him to make his own music. His whole musical spectrum had been shaped by this era and of course by the music that was sampled at the time.

The EP was released on a green 12″/45rpm as an hand-numbered special edition, limited to 500 copies.

Released on  April 14th, Visit Haze’s Website for info on how to purchase

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