Faulkner is a 4 man band, an alternative band to be precise, and this is my first introduction to their music. They are actually preparing their debut set to drop later this year and they just dropped the single ‘NY Anthem‘ featuring Wu Tang Clan‘s head honcho The RZA who kicks a freestyle in the middle of the song. The song itself is ominous, vibrant and edgy; not quite near the sane parameters but definitely something worth peeping if you are up for something different

Tune in and get with the program.

Street Axioms,” Faulkner’s 11-song debut album offers a cohesive experience combining the rawness of songwriter Lucas Asher and the technicality of bandmate/producer Eric Scullin supported by the power of rhythm section Dimitri Farougias and Christian Hogan.  This quad will release their debut album later in the year, promising a set of subversive songs with unforgettable melodies and an unapologetic ambition.  

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