Do you recognize this familiar face? Yes, it’s DJ Dynamix, the returning Regional Qualifier winner from last year, who won for the second time in a row, is NOW seeking to gain control of the National Finals which will be held in Orlando, Florida this summer. This year’s battle turned out completely different, as a few DJ implemented ‘disses’ in their sets (‘Calling Out Names‘ & ‘Real Mutha____kin’ G’s‘ as examples, one used an ‘acapella’ format) while others just ‘styled it out’ on the tables (shoutout to DJ Kid Cut Up for honoring Roc Raida)!  With this competition, not only do you see the return of this year’s winner, you’ve witnessed the return of DJ As-Is as well, competing alongside newcomers Kid Cut Up, DJ DiniSteve 1der, & Quix-05 (who have all done a damn good job with their respective sets).

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DJ Hapa, who hosted last year’s competition alongside Mr. Choc, has also returned solo to navigate the masses by introducing each DJ to the crowd and to crown the winner. This year’s judges were DJs Adam 12, 12th Planet, & Graham Funke. This competiton became difficult to determine the winner in comparison to last year’s; for me, it became a tie between DJ Dynamix & the Hawaiian heavyweight, DJ Compose!

When DJ Compose came out, he made it very clear that he was out for one thing: he came to dominate Los Angeles. He even had a HUGE fanbase that came out from Hawaii to represent him in this competition! From his intro to the outro, he delivered strong message in his entire set. His set totally set the tone for what was about to be a huge wake-up call for the other West Coast competitors. Even reading the tweets that night even determined that he was going to be the winner. In the finishing seconds of his set, he had a woman dressed in a Hawaiian outfit and ‘leid’ him as the winner (which I thought was an impressive ‘finisher’).

In the end, the hometown hero won the battle, with Compose taking second place, and Kid Cut Up finishing off in the 3rd! Now, Dynamix has to compete against a few more heavyweights this summer (which isn’t that far away) in Orlando, FL. So, yes.. Ozonians, the West Coast is coming for that title!

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