Eight DJs. One winner. Supperclub LA was the house, and the people in attendance were the party! It was a big house party in Hollywood over at the 6600 block of Hollywood Blvd, and the folks waiting outside couldnt wait to get in. It was totally out of control, but that didnt prevent the party people from checking out the DJs who were competing! Even if they werent there for the event, they did come to hear dope music! Not only that, who couldnt notice that DJ Dymanix (the winner) had a HUGE following with their Team Dynamix tees on, representing in full force?

Now, please enter the chambers of the Supperclub.

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Front and center stage, you have Mr. Choc and DJ Hapa as your hosts for the evening, with DJs Rhettmatic, Destructo, Morse Code, and Spider as your judges sitting in the back like kings on a throne (on a couch). There were eight DJs who were about to go toe-to-toe for the one of the three spots in the National Finals on the West Coast spots in Las Vegas in November. Here’s the order in the DJs were competing in:

      1. DJ Bobby French
      2. DJ Expo
      3. DJ Risk One
      4. DJ Backdraft
      5. D-JR
      6. Cassie Stevens
      7. DJ Dynamix
      8. DJ As-Is

Every DJ that was there has brought their A-game to the table. It was that fierce of a battle! At some points in the competition, the two hosts came out on stage and told everyone to tweet who was their favorite DJs and use the hashtag “#rb3style” next to it to keep the competiton very interesting. Also, they asked the judges who they were feeling so far halfway into the battle (which they obviously didnt reveal; they only mentioned what they liked about each individual, especially if they played a particular song or how they incorporated a song into a mix).

All the DJs were great… until DJ Dynamix stepped to the booth.

With his blending and scratching skills unified his set, Dynamix instantaneously blew the crowd away. Even at one point while the record was playing, he came to the center of the stage and started dancing and throwing taunts and folks to showing them who’s the boss! Unfortunately, after his set was done.. it was already set in the many minds of the audience who was going to walk away as the champion.

At the end of the night when the judges called out the winners, it was DJ Dynamix who finished in first place, with D-JR taking second and DJ Expo finishing third. The party still kept going with DJ Spider taking over the wheels and finishing the night off with party-rockin’ music!

Congratulations, DJ Dynamix! Now, go show them who’s boss when you head to the finals in November in Las Vegas!

SupperClub (LA venue): website | facebook | twitter
Red Bull Thre3style: website | twitter
Mr. Choc: facebook | twitter
DJ Hapa: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Rhettmatic: myspace | twitter
DJ Spider: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Morse Code: soundcloud | facebook | twitter
DJ Destructo (Gary Richards): website | facebook | twitter
DJ Dynamix: website | facebook | twitter
D-JR: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Expo: website | facebook | twitter




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