9Th Wonder & Phonte

Brotherhood: The perfect word to describe something more than just a friendship between these two men.

In a world where we’ve seen friendships end faster than video game losses, the beginning of last year was the start of a new beginning with these two brethren mending their friendship after four years of issues that they respectfully chose not to speak about publicly which was ignited by the release of ‘Star’. And since then, they’ve maintained it like they’re supposed to.. and to witness this live and direct makes me wonder why (after so many years) cant any of our favorite groups, people, etc. do the same?

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Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to see Rapsody‘s first performance in Los Angeles because I arrived at the Key Club late due to traffic. I was able to hear her outside as she was ending her set, but hearing the crowd’s response proved to me it was no contest that she won them over!

The place was jam-packed as I entered the venue, seeing that people were standing shoulder-beyond-shoulder (yes I said beyond; everyone was overlapping each other). It was more than just being stuck in an aluminum container full of sardines; this was ridiculous! But it was an event that every Little Brother fan had hoped to see: two men rocking the crowd together.

Seeing Phonte ‘take the crowd to church’ (can I get an ‘amen?) was awesome to see. Even Montage One was in the house groovin’ on stage while Phonte got the crowd’s attention. There was a guy in the audience who had brought his ‘Minstrel Show’ t-shirt to the show, waving it with pride. Phonte started rockin’ his set by performing tracks from his latest release, Charity Starts at Home. Then, he brought Justus League/+FE brethren Median out to perform Eternally, and a few other tracks that they’ve previously collaborated on before.. then they’ve took it back to their early Justus League days. They event went on to perform tracks from The Listening and The Minstrel Show as well..

During these times, Phonte spat a few freestyles for the crowd, garnering much acclaim for the Percy Miracles-lyricist. Towards the end of the night, he brought out Jill Scott and Sy Smith (who were backstage) to shock the crowd. I was even shock to see them there as well! It was a fun night, as well as exhausting, but I’m pretty sure we will hear from these two again pretty soon.

Take care, and once again… ‘thank you for listening’ (word to ‘Tigallo).


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